Wothahellizat: Winnebago Meets Mad Max

It’s a little Mad Max, without the madness, or umm, the max. It’s the Wothahellizat!

The Wothahellizat, a go-anywhere luxury 6X6 motorhome. (Source: gizmag.com)

This off-road, knows-no-bounds, go anywhere, 6X6 luxury turbo diesel AWD motorhome with bite!

The Wothahellizat is a vehicle that’s part condo and part off-roader with no compromises.

Built by Australian nature photographer Rob Gray, the Wothahellizat was created with the aim of getting to out-of-the-way places in the wilderness and staying there for long stretches at a time. Built to carry three months of supplies, it regularly spends months at a time in the vast Australian outback.

As a 6X6 turbo diesel AWD, it gets to better, quieter, and more secluded campsites because it can handle rougher terrain than the average motorhome.

In Gray’s own words, the Wothahellizat motorhome “looks industrial on the outside, but it’s luxurious inside.”

Wothahellizat began life as an ACCO in the Australian Army. After spending some time in Marulan Country Fire Brigade (near Australia’s Capital City of Canberra), the vehicle was purchased by Gray.

The Wothahellizat, a go-anywhere luxury 6X6 motorhome. (Source: gizmag.com)

It now has a Perkins 6354 turbo diesel motor with just 20,000 miles on the clock and an Eaton 5sp synchro gearbox that was rebuilt 15,000 miles ago.

The Wothahellizat has everything you need from a fully operational 20,000-pound PTO winch, air conditioning, motorcycle for exploring where a big motorhome can’t get to, and hydraulically operated roof that raises over three feet to provide full standing height. It even has a security camera system so you can see out when all the shutters are closed.

With a 3300-watt solar inverter, the Honda 1kva generator is only needed to top things up if it has been overcast for an extended period of time.

According to Gray, there’s enough power from the inverter for just about anything. “I even do light welding jobs from it.”

Imagine, if you can, trying to set up in a caravan park with 30 or more people standing around gawking.

“We used to find this quite stressful,” said Gray. “We solved the problem by not going into them. We haven’t stayed in a caravan park for several years now.”

Gray regards the six-foot-high deck on the back of the vehicle as the highlight of the design as it offers a comfortable and high vantage point to watch the wilderness.

The vehicle offers complete self sufficiency. You can live anywhere, once you turn off the motor you’re home.

A complete inventory of the Wothahellizat features is too lengthy to list.

The Wothahellizat, a go-anywhere luxury 6X6 motorhome. (Source: gizmag.com)

Some of the highlights include an over-cab bedroom with hydraulically operated roof, self-supporting deck that folds into the back, garage large enough for two mountain bikes, eight roof-mounted solar panels, and a real toilet.

Other specs include:

  • Two comfortable bucket seats
  • Overhead consol with AM and UHF CBs and reversing monitor
  • Windscreen opens outwards
  • Entry hatch converts to visitor settee
  • Full-height slide-out pantry, accessible from both sides
  • Full height door gives access to deck
  • Two Jason recliners
  • Two overhead fans
  • Sliding glass windows at rear
  • 16-foot ladder stored under body

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