Odorico of Pordenone Trailer Concept Enters the Space Age

While it’s obviously not as posh as the $3 million Marchi Mobile eleMMent Palazzo, Czech designer Jakub Novak’s Odorico Pordenone concept (named after a medieval traveler) allows up to four people to travel together in a home-like environment.

Jakub Novak's Odorico Pordenone caravan concept has a modern look and an expandable interior. (Source: http://designeast.eu)

Unlike some other concepts, the recreational vehicle has a solid engineering design, which means it could actually be built if a company or a random rich eccentric decides to take the leap.

Novak envisioned the trailer to have aluminum walls with padding to keep the temperature stable, painted white on the inside but kept silver and given a brushed texture on the outside. The design’s modern fixtures, white walls, and black windows—that help keep the heat out—all point to a pervasive minimalist theme, reports Tecca.

The Brno Technical University student gave the vehicle beautiful wings though the design is meant to be purely functional.

Since Novak’s concept is meant to accommodate four people, the usual lack of living space inside a trailer is addressed by building expandable wings that can pop out at the push of a button.

Travel trailer concept looks like a spaceship from planet awesome. (Source: tecca.com)

Since the primary focus of the design was user convenience, Novak wanted to incorporate naturalness and simplicity in it as well and that is reflected in the vehicle’s ease of use.

The vehicle has an ergonomic door that allows travelers to easily board and de-board the trailer.

The exterior of the trailer is characterized by simple lines that flow around the structure fluidly and allow the trailer to remain stable on the road.

Aside from the additional space, it also comes with usual RV facilities like a bathroom, a bed, and a fully-functional kitchen as well as plenty of storage areas.

A dining table fitted at the rear allows travelers to be seated comfortably while they enjoy the view through a large picture window.

The Odorico Pordenone concept was nominated for 2011′s Czech National Award for Student Design. (Source: tecca.com)

The interior uses a purity of form that gives the cabin a cool elegance through the use of warm golden colors and light neutral tones.

“The Odorico of Pordenone Caravan’s design is meant to evoke an image that is right in the middle of the idealistic and the romantic and allows users to develop a very positive relationship with nature during the course of their travels while maintaining a pragmatic standard of living,” reports AutoMotto.

Named after Italian Franciscan missionary and traveler Odoric of Pordenone who sought to push Christianity in Asia not long after Marco Polo traveled east to extend the reach of trade, the trailer “pays a tribute to the nomadic enthusiasm and the spirit of exploration that true travelers who love to travel to the far corners of the world and experience humanity as wholly as possible.”

The Odoric of Pordenone trailer has participated in several exhibitions and is something of a media success in the country though we don’t know whether the concept will be made into a production model or not.

The Odorico Pordenone concept was nominated for 2011′s Czech National Award for Student Design.


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