JR Consumer Releases 2012 RV Reviews and Ratings

The less than robust economy has hampered the RV industry’s ability to make a strong comeback.

2011 shipments from RV factories to dealers were up only about 2 to 3 percent from last year’s shipped units. A bright spot for the industry was in 2010 when the RV industry showed a 44 percent gain compared to 2009.

Many have put off purchasing an RV for several years are now starting to consider buying an RV. Younger buyers are able to secure financing for less expensive RV models with the ease of credit regulations, and the low interest rates being offered on financing an RV has many people rethinking their decision to wait to buy.

JR Consumer Resources are predicting modest gains for 2012 but, certainly not a breakout year the industry is hoping for, according to a company news release.

RV dealers that have survived the last four years are in a stronger position and will be able to capitalize on a growing market share as the economy continues to improve. RV dealer inventories are improving with dealers being able to secure better financing.

One trend in the industry is for towable units. Most RV dealers have shuffled their inventories to promote travel trailers, fifth wheels, and pop-up trailers while scaling back their inventories for expensive Class A motorhomes.

Many families have discovered that they can afford to take their families on vacation again if they opt for an RV instead of an expensive hotel. In fact, in 2011, visits to national parks and campsites increased nearly 45 percent during a recession.

Another popular trend within the industry is for smaller motorhomes. According to JR Consumer Resources, both Class C and B motorhomes are seeing an increase in sales along with conversion vans. Compared to Class A motorhomes these models are less expensive and provide a certain level of luxury without the big price tag.

Employment within the RV industry is also on the rebound; factories that closed during the recession are now re-opening. Other RV manufacturers are re-hiring employees that were laid off during the peak of the recession and increasing their workforce to meet demand. It is estimated that around 325,000 to 400,000 people are employed within the industry an increase of 45 percent since 2008.

Purchasing an RV, whether it is a full size Class A motorhome or a small fifth wheel trailer is an investment that should be done with care. One doesn’t want to make a purchase they later will regret.


JR Consumer Resources Inc,

J R Consumer Resources Inc. got its start in 1999. Randall Eaton, now President started out as a sales manager for a factory- built housing center in Washington State. Randall decided to write a housing guide titled, “How to Buy a Manufactured Home & Save Thousands.” The book combined buying tips with a comparison guide featuring the majority of housing manufacturers in the United States.

After numerous requests for a modular home comparison guide, J R Consumer Resources started researching modular home builders in the United States and in 2003 published their second book, “Modular Home Buyers Guide.”

Many consumers that purchased the housing guides were also interested in purchasing a recreational vehicle and requested a rating guide for the industry. After interviewing 98 percent of the RV manufacturers in North America, J R Consumer Resources published two additional books rating the RV industry.

JRConsumer.com offers unbiased and factual information about the RV industry that consumers can use prior to making a purchase. This site contains real information from the manufacturers as well as RV reviews from people who have purchased the different products.

RV Ratings Reports rate both new and used RV models in the areas of quality of construction, customer satisfaction, dependability, design, payload, and resale value.

RV Ratings start with 2012 models and go back to 1998.

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