Thousand Trails Zone Camping: An Annual Pass

RVers and outdoor enthusiasts now have the luxury of expanding their potential list of destinations through the value and convenience of the Thousand Trails Zone Camping Pass.

This annual camping pass gives the freedom of flexible, any-time access to up to 81 premier RV destinations, depending on the number of zones selected, according to a Wednesday (December 14) news release.

Available for $499 for a year of camping, the Thousand Trails Zone Camping Pass gives unlimited camping (subject to length-of-stay policies) at any of the destinations included in the selected Zone.

The participating RV resorts offer full hook-up sites, and access to amenities such as pools and spas, hiking trails, fishing, boat ramp access, canoe and paddle boats, game rooms, playgrounds, miniature golf, hot showers, Wi-Fi and many others (amenities vary by location).

Additionally, Zone Camping Pass holders enjoy discounts at Encore RV Resorts. After staying 30 nights stays at the Thousand Trails destinations in the selected Zone, Zone Camping Pass users will continue to enjoy the benefits of Thousand Trails through a modest, $3-per-day usage fee.

“We understand that outdoor enthusiasts have a number of places they wish to see and that they want first-class properties and amenities wherever they go,” said Seth Rosenberg, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Equity LifeStyle Properties Inc. “Through the Zone Camping Pass, RVers can make the most of all the unique destinations and amenities that Thousand Trails properties have to offer while maximizing their outdoor recreation dollar.”

Additional Zones are available for $795 each; an annual pass that provide access to 81 campgrounds across all four United States zones is $2,884.

Note: For a limited time, buy one Zone, get your second zone FREE.

Thousand Trails Zone Camping Pass customers can choose from the following zones:

Northeast Zone
Includes 21 premier destinations from New England to the Great Lakes, including properties near Cape Cod, Amish Country and more.
States included (number of properties per state): Illinois (1), Indiana (2), Maine (1), Massachusetts (2), Michigan (2), New Jersey (3), New York (1), Ohio (2) and Pennsylvania (7).

Northwest Zone
Includes 18 picturesque locations near Seattle, the Oregon Coast, and British Columbia.
States included (number of properties per state): British Columbia (1), Oregon (5), Washington (12).

Southeast Zone

Includes 24 destinations from Texas to North Carolina and areas including Chesapeake Bay, Blue Ridge Mountains, Diamond Caverns, and many more.
States included (number of properties per state): Alabama (1), Florida (3), Kentucky (1), North Carolina (3), South Carolina (2), Tennessee (2), Texas (7), Virginia (5).

Southwest Zone
Includes 18 prime destinations throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada; from Lake Tahoe to Yosemite National Park and Las Vegas.
States included (number of properties per state): Arizona (1), California (16), Nevada (1).

Disclaimer: I am a member of Thousand Trails but do not represent them or sell memberships.

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