Blue Eye Noah: A Revolutionary RV

In sunny days, it is a recreational vehicle to luxuriate your life. When a hurricane blows, it’s your Noah trailer sailing through rough seas. It’s your best choice of RV against all weather, according to a Blue Ark Enterprise news release.

Why Blue Eye Noah?

Blue Eye Noah exterior. (Credit:

Noah’s Ark is a widely-quoted Biblical reference to a vessel constructed by a man, Noah, to save himself, his family, and species of animals in anticipation of a huge flood.

These biblical, geological, and genetic references and studies are drawn into this coined name “Blue Eye Noah” to mean that only those fully prepared for big disasters can be survivors after a great extinction.

And this trailer is considered as a modern-day Ark constructed for those “Blue-eyed Noahs” with full protections and best facilities, it’s an ultimate sanctuary more than the pleasure road trips in leisure days.

Global Debut, Exclusive Launch

A global press conference was held December 8 at Taiwan’s Taipei Hua-Shan 1914 Art Park to introduce the media and the public this unique product with breaking through technologies. Dr. Shiao-Ying Li, the founder of Blue Eye Noah, conducted a presentation about its researches and developments and niche market positioning, also presented the actual trailer boat along with co-operated suppliers for an in-depth understanding through actual boarding experiences.


The attendants were deeply impressed by the uniqueness and stunning technologies of this trailer boat, and its sanctuary concept against 2012 crisis is another highlight to satisfy more market needs.

Features – Unique Sustainability & Benefits

Green Technology

Minimum carbon emissions with multiple power sources including a diesel generator set, a solar panel module, and it’s facilitated with an auto-adjusted AC system, LED, or natural sunlight, which is estimated saving 50-60 percent of electricity compared to ordinary RVs.

Perfect Protection

Breaking-through constructive FRP materials, the same material used for luxury yachts, to assure effectiveness of water proof, and anti-NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) attacks and to withstand any hurricane or flood, even tsunami.

Optional: (1) hospital-standard air filter, (2) water filter system capable of treating bacteria or nuclear-contaminated water.

Luxurious Comfort

Home-style comfort in luxurious environment completes yacht -like style. High gloss teak interior, exquisite home appliances and bathroom setting are entirely well-considered with the best flexibility.

Versatile, Recreational

Innovative and patented design for multiple uses/recreational mobile home for fun, safety, and survival! Optional packages will give this RV multi-function adaptability to serve as a boat house, ice-fishing house, snowmobile house, and even to meet other challenging landscapes.

Specification and Price

L x W x H = 21 feet x 7.2 feet x 8 feet , fuel capacity 105 gallons, water capacity 26 gallons, estimated full load 4,000 pounds.

Other optional equipment includes diesel generator (7kw), solar module (270w), wind power generator (500W), and a bullet proof version.

Models are available in 17, 19, 21 and 23 feet and additional interior space requirements are up to customized needs and budgets.

The most basic model may cost $40,000. The price may go up to $80,000 with hand-craft teak interior.


Blue Ark Enterprise


Address: No.356, Jixian Road, Luzhou District, New Taipei City 247, Taiwan

Phone: +886 2-8281-2062


Worth Pondering…

Make your choice, adventurous stranger.
Strike the bell and bide the danger.
Or wonder ’til it drives you mad,
What would have followed, if you had.

— C.S. Lewis, The Magicians Nephew

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