Murbles: Newest Campground Activity

Anyone who enjoys life can play Murbles!

Murray Kramer came up with the concept in 1979 when he was in college in Michigan. His next door neighbor was a retired gentleman who loved to play horseshoes. Murray couldn’t win a game against him, so he decided to make his own game, Murbles, based loosely on the European game of Bocce.

Murray’s Marbles

Kramer wanted to design a game that anyone could play—and win. His game utilizes big half-pound marbles made from three-inch-diameter solid plastic balls.

A Murble is basically an oversized marble used to play the outside game of Murbles—short for “Murray’s marbles”.

The outdoor game of Murbles can be played by two to four players. Simply read the rules on the bag and you’re ready to play.

Murbles is an ideal game for players from 8 to 80 years old, says Kramer, because it’s easy to learn, can be played most anywhere—especially tailgating—and doesn’t require special skills.

“Murbles can be played almost anywhere, including in parks, campgrounds, and at the beach (Murbles are buoyant),” says Murray. “Just dump them out of the bag and you’re in the game. It’s just that easy.”

Why Now?

Normal Murble Man (Credit:

Kramer’s game idea sat on the shelf for decades until April 2009 when he retired and began producing his game commercially. Soon after the first balls were manufactured, he made his first online sale and began attending vendor sales events.

Kramer has also taken Murbles to RV parks and campgrounds. The game is now available in some Kampgrounds of America (KOA) camp stores, as well as online and from wholesale camping and sporting goods catalog companies.

Kramer reports that about 2,000 sets have been sold nationwide.

The price for Murbles is $29.95 plus shipping and handling.

What are Murbles?

A Murble is an over-sized marble used in the outdoor sports game of Murbles.

Murbles come in a convenient canvas carrying bag, so take them with you ANYWHERE.


Murbles are high-density, three-inch-diameter solid plastic balls made with recycled material. Available in 20 popular colors, you can mix and match your colors to your favorite school, sports team, or the colors of your RV.


Murbles Outdoor Sports Game

Cost: 7 piece set with travel bag, $29.95 + S&H

Phone: (850) 458-5858


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