RV Manufactures Recalls

Four manufacturers—Tiffin Motorhomes, Open Range, American Trailer Company, and Techworks Inc.—have recently announced recalls.

Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc.

Red Bay, Alabama-based Tiffin Motorhomes, Inc. is recalling 179 model year 2011 Allegro Bus and Phaeton RVs quipped with a Cummins ISX or ISL diesel engine. The V-band clamp assembly (part numbers Q187684, Q187685, and Q187686) used to connect the inlet and outlet cone sections to the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC)/Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) include a T-bolt which can fracture and fail when subjected to stress or load. A fracture or failure of the T-bolt may cause the clamp to loosen and the inlet or outlet sections attached to the DOC/DPF housing to disconnect.

If the inlet or outlet sections disconnect, hot exhaust gases can vent prior to exiting the tailpipe, creating the risk of combustion and a fire. If both clamps fail, there is a risk in some applications that the DOC/DPF housing may detach completely, creating a road hazard.

Tiffin Motorhomes is working with Cummins to identify and notify owners of the recall campaign. Repairs will be performed by authorized Cummins dealers free of charge. Owners may contact Cummins at 1-812-377-5000 or Tiffin Motorhomes at 1-256-356-8661.

Open Range RV

Shipshewana, Indiana-based Open Range RV Company is recalling 207 model year 2010-2011 Journeyer RVs manufactured from August 27, 2009 through November 17, 2010. A main supporting cross member was cut out to run a liquid propane line. This can cause stress cracks on the I-beams on both sides of the trailer.

While being towed, the trailer could begin a dangerous sway, ultimately rolling over, increasing the risk of personal injury or death.

Open Range will notify owners and inspect the frame for any missing cross supports and perform the necessary repairs free of charge. Owners may contact Open Range at 1-260-768-7771.

Aluminum Trailer Company (ATC)

American Trailer Company (ATC) is recalling 145 model year 2007-2012 ATC Car Hauler Trailers with extended hitches, manufactured from December 1, 2006 through September 16, 2011. These trailers with 12 inch extended hitch frames are breaking near the front cross member on the frame of the trailer. This is caused by insufficient material used in the frame hitch.

The hitch could potentially break, causing separation from the towing vehicle, thereby increasing the risk of loss of control and posing a risk of personal injury and property damage.

ATC will repair the aluminum trailer hitch free of charge. Owners may contact ATC at 1-877-441-2440.

Techworks Inc.

Techworks Inc. is recalling one model year 2000 Overland Ospry RV quipped with a 1200-series Norcold refrigerator. The population of refrigerators being addressed contains either a sensing algorithm or thermal switch to shut off power to the refrigerator when high temperatures are detected in order to prevent a potential fire. The response times of the sensor algorithm and thermal switch devices to stop power are not sufficient.

An insufficient response time can result in power not being shut off in sufficient time to prevent a fire, which has the potential to ignite, resulting in personal injury and/or vehicle and property damage.

Techworks is working with Norcold to get the units repaired free of charge. Please see Norcold’s defect report 10E-049. Owners may contact Norcold at 1-800-767-9101.

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