Don’t Just Empty Your Tanks, Flush Them!

The new Flush King Reverse RV Flush Valve provides an easy and efficient way to clean (backwash) your holding tanks. You’ll be able to see the cleaning in action and know when the tank is empty. You don’t just empty your tanks, you flush them!

You should not leave the RV unattended during the flushing cycle to avoid overfilling the holding tank. (Credit:

You’ll see after one rinse exactly what would have been remaining in the tank. Tissue and other debris that would have been stuck to the tank walls will now be flushed out.

Mission Hills, California-based Valterra Products, Inc. acquired the manufacturing and marketing rights to the Flush King Reverse RV Flush Valve effective September 21, 2011. Valterra will begin shipping the patented product by November 1, according to a recent news release.

Flush King easily twists onto RV dump valves to back flush RV drain lines, removing tank clogs, cleaning the tank, and improving sensor performance.

“This is another product that is an excellent fit with our sanitation line and is a perfect complement to RV Hydroflush, which has long been one of our best sellers,” said Donna Warr, Valterra’s national sales manager. “Distributors and dealers have been looking for Flush King for some years and we are excited about this great sales opportunity in both the U.S. and Canada.”


The newly improved clear plastic barrel is tilted at a 45 degree angle and rotates a complete 360 degrees. Four hooks on the clear plastic fitting ensure a tight leak-proof fitting on your sewer drain. Right- or left-handed, you simply turn the valve to either side for a tight sewer connection.

Unlike other products in which the holding tank and sewer must be at the same height, the Flush King will fill the tank at any height or angle of plumbing.

Twist the Flush King on to the sewer pipe. Then connect the sewer hose. Connect your “gray” or “green” water hose to the valve.

Caution: Over twisting, excessive force or leaning on the valve while connected may cause the prongs to break.

DO NOT connect a drinking water hose to the Flush King.

You are now ready to dump, rinse, or clean your tanks in one easy operation! When you are finished, simply remove the Flush King and store it away.

Regular cleaning of the gray tank will help eliminate the odor caused by food particles remaining in the tank as well as soap scum, grease, and body oils, etc.

Advantages of the Flush King include:

  • Improves sensor performance
  • Clear barrel allows you to see the cleaning in action
  • Easy to use—twist on and off
  • Connects to the exterior of the RV and eliminates wands and hoses inside the vehicle
  • Works at any height or angle of plumbing
  • Backflow preventer included
  • Patented design ensures successful cleaning of the gray and black tank
  • Non permanent attachment
  • Helps break up clogs in pipes
  • Cleans tanks, pipes, and sewer hose in one process
  • Fits most recreational vehicles
  • Sanitary way to empty and clean tanks


Sewer and water hose not included. (Credit:

Valterra Products, Inc.

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Phone: (818) 898-1671



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