Five Things You Need to Know Today: August 19

Since I like things to come in fives (and tens), here are five things YOU need to know TODAY!

1. Welcome to Florizona

Lazydays RV Campground in Tucson, Arizona, opens September 1, 2011. Lazydays is offering a complimentary 3-day, 2-night stay at Lazydays RV Campground in Tucson. You simply go to, fill out a form, print the ticket out, and contact (800) 306-4069 to reserve your spot. The ticket is your passport to a complimentary 3-day, 2-night stay at Lazydays RV Campground in Tucson.

2. Get to Know the Service Department

After visiting several recreational vehicle dealerships, you’ve finally found the vehicle you want. It has the desired equipment and options and more. The salesperson explains everything you need to know about the unit and answers your questions and responds to your concerns. You and the salesperson work out the numbers to your satisfaction and now you are the owner of a new RV.

The national average for owning this unit is three to six years. Now that you’ve purchased your vehicle, with which dealership department will you spend the majority of your time?

The service department!

Did the sales representatives introduce you, the customer, to the service department? You need to know the people in the dealership who will perform routine maintenance and any other repairs that may be required.

When you go to a dealership and purchase a recreational vehicle make sure you are introduced to the service department. In fact you should ensure that becoming familiar with the service department is a key part of the shopping experience for your new vehicle.

3. How to Avoid Common RV Mishaps

Avoid these common causes of RV accidents:

  • Fires that occur from leaking LP gas (propane)
  • Tire blowouts due to overloading or under-inflated or aged-out tires
  • Ensure your RV awnings is properly stored during windy weather and prior to travel
  • Retract RV outside steps prior to travel
  • Know your height/clearance: RVs hitting bridges, tunnels, and gas station overhangs are a major cause of insurance claims

4. CoachNet Announces Member Benefit

NMC/CoachNet RV members can now access exclusive RV sites nationwide with Encore Resorts and Thousand Trails, the company announced Monday (August 15).

Members can stay at more than 80 Equity LifeStyle Properties RV resorts (Encore) and 50 Thousand Trails Membership Preserves and enjoy the beautiful locations and amenities of each resort for a low $25 per night with the Ready Camp Go Plus card.

As an NMC/Coach-Net RV member, RVers can receive a 50 percent discount on the Ready Camp Go Plus card, which is regularly priced at $49, but available for only $24.50 to Coach-Net members.

Like other discount programs, availability may be limited. Reservations are required.

To get the Ready Camp Go Plus car, visit, click “Buy Now” and enter promo code CN50 to receive the NMC/CoachNet RV member discount.

For more information, contact (877) 877-0703.

Disclaimer: I am a member of CoachNet and Thousand Trails but do not represent them or sell memberships.

5. RV fires

According to national statistics, there were, on average, 3,100 RV fires each year. These fires caused seven deaths, 62 injuries, and over $41 million in damages annually. These statistics should give all RVers pause.

RV fires can start when your RV is moving or when it is parked. Some common causes of RV fires are:

  • Leaking fuel lines and connections
  • Shorts in the 12-volt electrical system
  • Refrigerator fires
  • Pinhole fuel-line leaks in diesel-pusher engine compartments
  • Dry wheel bearings in 5th wheels and trailers

Have a great weekend.

Until next time, safe RV travels, and I’ll see you on the road!

Worth Pondering…
Your travel life has the essence of a dream.

It is something outside the normal, yet you are in it.

It is peopled with characters you have never seen before and in all probability will never see again.

It brings occasional homesickness, and loneliness, and pangs of longing.

But you are like the Vikings or the master mariners of the Elizabethan age, who have gone into a world of adventure, and home is not home until you return.

—Agatha Christie, British mystery writer

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