Next-Gen Dodge Viper Motorhome Revealed

Have you ever wondered what a motorhome would look like if it was based on a more glamorous prototype?

DriveSRT(Street & Racing Technology) recently released the world’s first supercar motorhome—a possible reincarnation of the Dodge SRT-10—on its Facebook fan page.

Next-gen Viper camper van. (Credit: DriveSRT)

Automakers and RV manufacturers frequently reveal future products online, sometimes on purpose while other times supposedly by accident.

But what do you do when your Facebook fans clamor for insider information on the upcoming 2013 Dodge Viper?

You give the people what they want.

Yet, sometimes stupid questions beget stupid answers.

In response to numerous requests for early looks at the next-generation of the Dodge Viper, the DriveSRT Facebook page gives us…a Dodge Viper motorhome.

Yes, it’s a Viper SRT 10 three-axle camper van, and yes, it’s still sporting the old Viper front-end.

No, it’s not a great photo.

DriveSRT’s statement: “Like many of you, Twitter user @DaveOrrSales asked for a taste of what’s to come at SRT. We dodged death to sneak you this top-secret photo. That’s all you get, crew,” said the team revealing the Viper SRT-10 with more than a hint of tongue-in-cheek.

Whilst the Viper SRT-10 may do a top speed of 202 mph, the Viper was always renowned for its erratic handling, although the Chrysler team appears to have fixed that by adding an extra axle and two extra wheels.

We’ll all have to wait awhile to see the all-new Viper.

Although they claim that this sketch is “a taste of what’s to come”, don’t expect to see the Viper SRT-10 motorhome on your dealer’s lot anytime soon…Like the rest of us you’ll have to keep dreaming!

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