Recharge Your EV at Campgrounds, Part 2

Microsoft Utility Rate Service (MURS)

Microsoft recently launched a national database of plug-in vehicle charging rate plans that makes it simple for EV owners to locate the best electricity prices to charge your plug-in vehicle, reports The database is called the Microsoft Utility Rate Service (MURS). It will be available via subscription to government agencies, power providers, auto makers, and electric vehicle charging equipment companies

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According to Warren Dent, director of business development at Microsoft, MURS will be offered in at least 17 different markets—mostly on the East Coast and West Coast—but also including cities like Detroit, Denver, and Chicago.

To get started, Microsoft is collaborating with one-to-three utilities in each region to get access to the data, and is expecting that its partnerships with companies like Duke Energy, Xcel Energy, and Portland General Electric will provide it with more relevant information. The pricing information will then be sent from the utility companies to Microsoft, which will relay that information to MURS subscribers. MURS sends the data directly to the plug-in vehicle, eliminating the need for interaction with drivers.

GoCampingAmerica to Support EV Owners

The National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds plans to create a listing on its GoCampingAmerica website of parks that offer electric vehicle refueling services.

“We will over time gather all of this information and make it available online, but clearly the potential is there for the nation’s private campground owners to help support the greening of the nation’s transportation infrastructure,” said Paul Bambei, president and chief executive officer of the association, which counts more than 3,300 members.

“Campgrounds are an ideal place for electric vehicle owners to take a break from driving,” he noted. “Most have swimming pools, lakes and scenic venues, and wireless Internet service…Many campgrounds also offer rental accommodations, so you can recharge your vehicle and spend the night and be ready to hit the road the next day.”

Currently, Ford is utilizing on Microsoft’s service to allow its drivers to charge their cars when utility rates are lowest. Image courtesy

If you are willing to take the time to stop and explore during your journey, it feels less rushed, more enjoyable, even part adventure.

The Future

RV sites have exactly the power facilities most EV drivers need. It’s an excellent, if not obvious match.

Yes, the RV and the EV crowd appear to have much in common.

Life is a journey! Enjoy it!

Worth Pondering…
All things are possible until they are proved impossible—and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.

—Pearl S. Buck

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