What’s a Wallup?

The Wallup! ™ or “Wall-in-a-bag” is a collapsible 6-foot high x 12-foot wide framed flexible wall that fits in a small bag making storage and transportation a snap. Manufactured by Walluping Industries Inc. based in Spokane, Washington, The Wallup can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

The Wallup takes minutes to install.

Easily erected without the use of strings or other attachments, the Wall-in-a-bag has applications as a privacy barrier, wind protection, sun shelter, shower stall, lean-to, changing room, tent, shelter from the weather, temporary bathroom, as well as an unlimited number of other uses.

In addition to being used by RVers and campers, this free-standing portable wall will appeal to hunters, golfers, sports teams, advertisers, vendors, and even equestrians as horse stalls and outdoor tack rooms.

Invention of the Wallup

The Inventor of the Wallup spent his younger days scrounging the Cascade forests for neat things, elusive trout, forgotten forest ponds, and secluded valleys.

On one of his many outings with friends found them caught by the wind playing a game of cards.

He swore revenge and on the next camping trip the Wallup! began life as a tarp braced with conduit poles.

Many years of trial and error led to the present design. After many prototypes, material tests, and failures, the current Wallup! was created.

In just a few minutes the Wallup assembles into a 6-foot-high by 12-foot-wide freestanding wall.

The first of the prototypes were sewn out of the inventors shop and every tent pole for sale within 60 miles of his home was purchased. Stakes were created that fit the poles and a series of ten working prototypes were produced. Market surveys were conducted, leading to more prototypes, a business plan, a team, and eventually production of the “world’s most versatile self standing portable wall structure designed for the outdoors.”

When would you use The Wallup?

  • You’ve found the ideal camping spot, but someone pulls in and parks way too close to you.
  • You’ve set up the perfect picnic but the wind is threatening to ruin everything
  • You’re hunting and need some shelter from the weather
  • You need a solid, sturdy backdrop for a photo or portrait
  • You need a crowd-control barrier, sun shelter, lean-to, advertising device, entry gate
  • …or thousands of other uses!

The Set Up

You can use the Wallup on just about any flat, stakeable surface for added privacy and wind protection.

The Wallup can be used on just about any flat, stakeable surface for added privacy and wind protection.

To watch set up on You Tube, click here.

Wallup Specs

  • 6 feet x 12 feet portable wall
  • Weighs Less then 11pounds
  • Design uses no strings
  • Withstands 15mph wind
  • UV and Tear resistant
  • Rugged fiberglass poles
  • Solid Steel Stakes
  • Patent Pending

The Wallup is currently available from Walluping Industries and Camping World stores. Look for it at your favorite Wal Mart in the weeks ahead.

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