Snowbird destinations: Where to stay?

When deciding upon a Snowbird roost, there are a number of factors to consider. In yesterday’s post we discussed weather and activities. We’ll continue the discussion with an additional five factors:


Numerous national parks and monuments and other natural areas are located in Arizona. Pictured above is Organ Pipe National Monument. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Are you drawn to national parks, state parks, wildlife refuges, scenic byways, other natural areas, or scenic wonders?

How about visiting historic sites and museums? Driving historic byways? Exploring Route 66? Factory tours?

Do you have a passion for theme parks, casinos, concerts, entertainment, sports events, baseball spring training?

Do you like to attend festivals, parades, special events, Mardi Gras activities?

Proximity to Home

The majority of Snowbirds migrate straight south from their northern home. As a result most Snowbirds who live in the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada tend to winter in Arizona and Southern California; those from the Midwest and Manitoba and Ontario often winter in South Texas; and Snowbirds from the Northeast and Eastern Canada most likely will head to Florida.


Desert Shadows RV Resort, a membership campground in Casa Grande, Arizona. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Another consideration is finding an RV park that is within your budget. By taking advantage of monthly or seasonal rates, you may be pleasantly surprised by how far your retirement income goes.

Many snowbirds save money by staying at membership campgrounds.

Even with the escalation of RV park rates during the past several years, you can still find a spot for about $400/month. In most cases when renting by the month or longer, metered electricity fees will be added to the quoted rates. Be aware that the per-kilowatt-hour rate may vary from park to park even in the same general area.

If you want all the bells and whistles, of an upscale park, complete with a golf course, several swimming pools, tennis courts, and lush landscaping; you can expect to pay over well over $1,000/month + electricity.


And don’t forget about what may be the strongest motivation to choose one destination over another—people. Location of friends and family can be a strong factor drawing you to one location or another. Seeing old faces and catching up on the times are cherished moments which are oblivious to the current weather, local attractions, or events of the day.


Do you want to be near quality medical facilities, cheap dental work, eye glasses, or medications?

The location of an RV park is a factor affecting rates. Pictured above is a day-use area near Venice, Florida. © Rex Vogel, all rights reserved

Do you wish to avoid traffic congestion, stay in a relatively crime free area with good air quality?

Is your preference to be on the move every week or two or spend the winter in one location?

What facilities and amenities do you desire in your RV park? Organized activities and classes? Exercise room? Swimming pool? WiFi or fast speed Internet? Golf course?

Or do you prefer boondocking?

Worth Pondering…

Got a dream, a long-held wish of traveling to a special place you hope to see—someday? If so, you’re like many of us, waiting for mañana; for tomorrow or next month or next year—always waiting for the right time. Question is, will there ever be a time that’s right?

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