Bufalino squeezing a lot into a tiny RV

Interior view Photo courtesy Designboom

Many people around the world are experimenting with living in smaller spaces; some are living in recreational vehicles, but they tend to be larger and consume a lot of fuel.

Treehugger reports German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns has converted the existing Piaggio APE 50 three-wheeled delivery vehicle, a cheap, and fuel efficient platform, into a small camper, called the bufalino.

Interior view Photo courtesy Designboom

However, the more complex structural components such as the frame, the chassis, and engine are derived from the original piaggio model.

It is a small camper which is equipped to meet the basic needs of one person. The concept behind the project is to offer absolute flexibility during periods of travel.

Comanns tells Designboom, “My aim was to give people a better understanding of the country, the surrounding, and the range they have travelled. The travelling vehicle is always with you like some kind of a base camp, while also being used for moving on in an easygoing and spontaneous way.”

Interior view Photo courtesy Designboom

Bufalino encourages users to explore the surrounding off beaten tracks. Meanwhile the furnished interior consisting of a bed, two seating units, a cooking zone, a basin, storage space, a water tank, and a refrigerator offers the comforts of a home.

While it appears possible to do laundry and cook, there is no information regarding washroom and toilet facilities.

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